Mystery Box Monday - Topaz Tier

Mystery Box Monday - Topaz Tier

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Welcome to the ALL NEW Mystery Box Monday! We are doing tiers now with our Mystery Boxes. This is the Topaz Tier! There are 10 boxes in this tier and each box is $19.99. You WILL get 1 of the Pops in the picture! The top Pop! is Jedi Luke Skywalker, which is valued at $70. There is also a NYCC Luke in Training valued at $50 and the New Hope Poster!

Please read the rules!


1) Don't participate if you don't want any of the Pops in the picture.

2) Your box is guaranteed to contain 1 Funko Pop valued from $12-$70.

3) You might not get the item you want. I'm sorry. But please don't hurt anyone because you didn't. Understand the risk vs. reward.

4) There are 10 boxes in this mystery box tier.

5) Don't buy a Pop protector! All of the Top Pops are already in a protector! We can't keep the contents a mystery and put protectors on some orders.

6) It is completely random. The Pop!s are placed in 10 8x6x4 boxes. (The Poster will be in a 14x8x6 box.) They are taped up before any shipping labels are printed. The shipping labels are all printed at once and then randomly placed on each box.