MYSTERY BOX!!! (1 box per transaction!)

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Mystery Box time!! There are 150 Pops in this sale! There are 40 Pops that are valued $25-$115. The top Pops are Big Boy w/Shake NFT, Black Parade Gerard Way original release box and Lydia Deetz! Black Butler Pops, Diamond Evee's, Hunter X Hunter, Reddy Zombie, original Hocus Pocus and more!


Before buying, please understand the nature of a mystery box. Gauge the risk vs. reward for yourself.

1) Don't participate if you don't want any of the Pops listed or a common Pop!. The ODDS are NOT in your favor.

2) Your box is guaranteed to contain 1 Funko Pop. Not 1 Pop! that is listed on PPG for a certain amount of money. This isn't a PPG value sale, it's a mystery sale. Commons have to be included in order to make this sale viable.

3) You might not get the item you want. I'm sorry. But please don't hurt anyone because you didn't. Understand the risk vs. reward.

4) There are 150 boxes in this mystery sale.

5) ONLY buy 1 box at a time!! If you want multiple mystery boxes, that's great but you need to do separate transactions. 

6) Don't buy a Pop protector! All of the higher end Pops are already in a protector. No need to buy one. We can't keep the sale a mystery and put protectors on some orders.

7) It is completely random. The Pop!s are placed in 150 8x6x4 boxes. They are taped up before any shipping labels are printed. The shipping labels are all printed at once and then randomly placed on each box. 

8) The remaining Pops in the sale are listed below.

6x Namor  (Wakanda Forever)
6x Ironheart MK1 (Wakanda Forever)
6x Attuma  (Wakanda Forever)
6x Namora  (Wakanda Forever)
6x M'Baku  (Wakanda Forever)
6x Queen Ramonda  (Wakanda Forever)
6x Okoye  (Wakanda Forever)
6x Nakia  (Wakanda Forever)
12x Carrie (Telekenesis)
12x Trick or Treat Sam
12x Leprechaun
14x Hannibal
12x Zeus (Thor)