Twas the Chase BEFORE Christmas Mystery Sale

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Twas the Chase before Christmas, and all the through shop.

Wes and his elves went looking, and found some chase Pops.

"What shall we do with them?" He asked everyone with glee.

" about we sell them." But Wes kind of disagreed.

"Christmas is about giving!" He shouted out loud.

"We should give them away for free, and make everyone proud!"

"That's a great idea Wes, but one small thing.

Your mortgage is due, you gotta pay before they ring."

"But I want to say thank you and give back too"

"A mystery sale where everyone wins! That's what we'll do!"

So he packed them all up, every chase that he had.

And put them on the website, for a price that's not bad. 

There's 48 chase boxes up on the site.

Only $14.99 each, grab them before they take flight.


And thank you for supporting us, and being our homeboys.



1. Only 1 box per transaction! You can buy multiple boxes but each have to be separate transactions.

2. All Pops come In a protector. No need to buy one! 

3. This is supposed to be fun. We want to give back to the community that has given so much to us. I'm sorry if you don't get the Chase you wanted.

4. All sales are final. Slight shelf wear is possible on some.