Consign Your Pops

At Poppin' Off Toys, not only do we sell Funko Pops, we also do consignments for Funko Pops! 

If you're looking to thin out your collection, free up some space or narrow down the lines you collect, we take in grail Pops and offer up to 75% of the value!

In order to help us streamline and better manage our collection intake process, please read this page carefully. 


Here is our current process for consigning Funko Pops:

  1. We are only accepting Pops that are valued (PPG) at $50 or higher. Commons and mid-range Pops are not eligible for consignment. 
  2. Fill out the form below and send us a link to a hobbydb or Excel list of the Pops ($50 and up) that you are wanting to consign. (We use hobbydb to gauge the value.)
  3. We will take a look and reach out to you and let you know if we are able to offer you a consignment deal.
  4. Initial consignment period is 30 days. After that, if you choose to continue, Poppin Off Toys reserves the right to lower the price and accept discount codes. (During the first initial 30 days, we pay you the price you set even if a discount code is used.)
  5. We have 3 levels of consignment. Here is the percentages that we pay out once your item sells:
LEVEL 1 = % of items valued $50-$99 60%
LEVEL 2 = % of items valued $100-$199 70%
LEVEL 3 = % of items valued $200+


      5. Payouts are made weekly via Paypal/Venmo. (Minus any CC fees we incur.)
      6. Your items will be featured in our PoppinDrops, website and in-store grail wall


    Tips for selling your collection:

    • The better the condition, the more likely we are to consign and get you the full value.
    • If your items have visible damage, we probably won't take them or will suggest a lower beginning price.
    • If your items smell like smoke, we will not take them.