Frequently Asked Questions

I pre-ordered from you. Where is my Funko Pop?

    Want to know when your items will ship to you? Check out our Where’s My Pop page.


    This is where we will try our best to share expected ship dates! But please keep in mind that things change that are completely beyond our control. We keep this list updated with the most current info that Funko has provided to us.


    My pre-order hasn’t shipped from you, and I already see it in Hot Topic and Gamestop!

      Funko product is made in Asia. For the most part, it is then shipped to Funko distribution centers and then Funko ships it to retailers. However, a few stores, such as Hot Topic, Gamestop and BoxLunch, pay to get their product directly from the manufacturer in China or Vietnam, instead of it going to a Funko distribution center first. Sometimes this means they can get their product a week or so before smaller stores, including us.


      But rest assured, as soon as we receive our product, we ship orders out immediately!


      My order arrived damaged. Help!

      We take great pride in our high quality shipping practices. However, once your order leaves our hands, sometimes things happen with the carrier that are sadly a reality. If your order was damaged during shipping, send us an email at, including pictures of the damaged Pop and the shipping box. Our team will take care of you.

      For $0.99 you can purchase our Mint Guarantee, which provides protection in the unfortunate instance of damage during transit. If this happens, we will either replace the item, replace the box or refund you!


      Where do you ship?

      We ship all over the world! 


      How do pre-orders work?

      When Funko announces new product, we offer those products on our website for pre-order. As soon as the product arrives to us from Funko, we ship your order directly to you! Pre-ordering saves you time and money, and helps ensure you get the Pops you want without having to hunt for them at multiple stores. If you live in or near Nashville, you can even pick up your orders in our store and save money on shipping.


      Pre-orders are also a great way to guarantee a Chase when we offer Guaranteed Chase bundles.


      When do you take payment?

      We take payment at time of purchase. We also have an option where you can choose to split your payment up in installments.


      Where is your retail store?

      Our retail store is located at 5916 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209.
      We’re open from Monday through Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sundays 12pm-5pm.




      Do you also buy Funko collections?

      We do! Looking to get rid of some lines to focus on others, or just thin out your collection? We buy Funko collections and offer competitive trade-in rates, whether you’re looking for cash or in-store credit.


      Do you sell wholesale to smaller stores wanting to sell Funko products?

      We do! We offer personal service and competitive wholesale pricing to smaller retailers in need of a Funko distributor. Fill out our Wholesale Inquiry Form and someone from our team will contact you with more details.