Where Are My Pop!s?


    Amazing Customers! It has been an honor to serve you when it comes to the next piece of your collection. I started Poppin Off Toys in my man cave and never dreamed it would turn into what it has become. I am truly living out my childhood dream to own my own business and help people find something they love. 

    As you can tell, things are a little different for us now. 2022 and 2023 were rough, to say the least. We saw our shipping expenses double on us.  As a result of that, we saw our profit margin shrink to 0 on pre-order Pops. Then, we saw extreme delays on new product that we had on order. As a result of that, the enthusiasm behind placing pre-orders greatly reduced and suddenly new product we would put up on the site for order wasn't selling nearly as much. Then, Funko instituted a rule that retailers couldn't cut the amount of product they have on order, so we were forced to purchase inventory of Pops that did not sale as preorders. 

    So, we had no choice but to stop ordering new product and offering pre-orders and try and transition to being a company that focuses on collections and having harder to find Pops. While this transition is going well, it's been financially difficult. We are paying off some previous loans, while also acquiring collections and trying to purchase the remaining items we have on order with Funko.

    So, that's why you have seen such a long delay on getting your preorder item. We are just trying to juggle a lot and it's just taking time to get it done. 

    The good news is that we were able to secure some more funding and have given Funko to green light to ship to us what we haven't gotten in. So, we are close to getting you what you have ordered. 

    We will NOT screw you. We will not suddenly close up shop and disappear. We are going to make sure you get your order. Just please hang in there with us a little longer. 

    This has been the most challenging year of my life. This business is how I feed my family. I have had so much anxiety on how to continue to serve you and keep this dream alive. I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that you WILL get your preorder. You will. I promise.

    Thank you so much for your support. It truly means the world to me. Please just hang in there with us a little longer. We got you.

    Keep it Poppin'

    Wes Howard
    Owner - Poppin Off Toys