Poppin Mint Guarantee

Poppin Mint Guarantee

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The Poppin Mint Guarantee is the ultimate protection for your order. We all know that nothing is 100% guaranteed when shipping companies are involved. Things happen. Damage happens. Rage happens. Then, an angry email is sent. So, this is our attempt to reclaim that word!!

Why is this needed?
Up until now, we have been able to send replacement boxes and replace orders when they arrived damage because we would file insurance claims with USPS and UPS to get the extra expense back. Recently, both companies changed how they handle claims and now they want to keep the damaged product, which obviously doesn't work for us since we send replacement boxes for your items. So, all claims are getting denied. 

We just can't continue sending out replacements at our expense when it wasn't our fault that the item was damaged. So, we had to think of another way to offer a mint guarantee, but also try and recoup some of the extra expense we are incurring.

So...what is it?
Glad you asked. For just $1.00 you can add an actual MINT guarantee to your order. This means you will receive the best conditioned box possible! If your order is damaged, we will do one of these three things: Re-Box, Replace or Refund. 

  1. Re-Box. Send replacement boxes. For most items, we are able to get replacement boxes from Funko. So, if we have the boxes, we will send new boxes to you that you can use to re-home your Pop and insert.
  2. Replace. We will send you brand new Pops. If we don't have the boxes and we have extra of the item that arrived damaged, we will send you a brand new one. Or we will buy you a new item at our expense!
  3. Refund. If we can't get boxes and don't have the item and can't purchase a new one, we will refund you for your purchase. (Minus the shipping).

IMPORTANT NOTE: We can only do mint guarantees on the standard 4" POP figures. We do not have protectors for larger items and Funko does not replace boxes for anything other than the standard box size. 

That's it! You can order with confidence that you will be taken care of NO MATTER WHAT! That's the Poppin Mint Guarantee!


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A reasonable guarantee.


Great packing item as described and quick shipping. Thank you for another awesome transaction

Rebecca Perez



Awesome beautiful Pops  arrived well packaged and in hard cover